Titans of the heart!

I recently came across an FB post which showed a really emaciated female boxer, who had been legally adopted and then………transferred to multiple families thereafter! With no regard to her diet and mental agony! Following the traumatic journey, where she got no love, only despair, she developed severe enzyme deficiency and is now unable to absorb any nutrients. Going to be a long uphill journey for her full recovery.

All boxers live for is to love their human! Given a chance they take every opportunity to show their complete selfless devotion to their humans. And they are such sensitive beings, given to anxiety and depression like any other living being on this earth, but more than normal. The worst thing is, this is not a one-off case.

Looking into the eyes of an animal, the innocence and love that they mirror, how does anybody have the heart to abuse it and abandon it?

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Image result for boxer

Just thinking about what the dogs go through………. the sense of being not wanted, being discarded like a non-living thing, looking for love and not receiving it, desperately looking up at the human and trying to figure out what they did wrong, and if the wrong was really so bad that they could not be accepted……….its the most traumatic sensation for me…….standing on the outside………..what the poor pooch goes through is too hurtful for me.

And I have 5 dogs who are testimony to neglect and discard by the humans, the so-called higher species.

Case in point Aryan, the new boxer! He wants attention and love to the exclusion of anything else! He has these huge round eyes that will dilate to their maximum when he is agitated! And he gets agitated every time some human pets and fondles his sibling in the pack. He bawls and howls the loudest, demanding attention and exclusivity! Like a baby! No underhand issue, no hidden agendas. Just bask in the love of a human. How difficult is that to give. How painful when love is asked and not given.

Pari, the other boxer, is the same, but she is now so sure of getting enveloped in love from us, that she is not so demanding!

No other pooch is just quite as demanding.

With Pari and Aryan, every human is potentially a target for receiving love! So any and every guest I have, their first duty once they enter the house, is to pamper these pooches. And even if the attention is paid for 2 extra mnts to his sibling, Aryan breaks out into a long soliloquy, interspersed every now and then by an irritated bark or snarl, telling the new human just who exactly is supposed to be continuously pampered!

Security is something that all living beings need. And when you are enveloped in that blanket, then health and happiness abound. Although Sandy the dalmatian, has been with us for over 9 yrs, I still think she feels the trauma of being abandoned all those years back when she was just 9 months old! Because she still keeps a very watchful eye on me and especially when we go out, I cannot go out of the periphery of her eyes, or else she gets very agitated!

But Pari, she just lives in the moment! No past trauma can lessen the joie-de-vivre of a boxer! And this is how she shows it, completely laid back! In fact, people who I showed the pics to, thought she was drunk!


And the time Sandy was sleeping soundly in her sofa, and Aryan sneakily got in right beside her! Then both slept soundly even while the TV was on full volume!


Normally, Pari and Aryan are best buddies. But Pari still calls the shots and she kind of dominates over all her siblings. There was this time a week ago, when Aryan picked up a ‘ball’ from the sidewalk, in the morning walk, in other words, a coconut shell. He kept playing with it all through but the moment he reached home, he dropped it at the gates like a hot potato! No amount of cajoling would entice him to take the ball into the house, like all the other times. When I looked up, I saw Pari standing near the door, like a guard! The previous day, they had had a no-holds-bared fight over just such a ‘ball’ and Aryan remembered that and refused to get into a confrontation again!

But when they start another game, all past fights are forgotten and they come together like the best buddies they are.

In fact, Pluto, the cocker spaniel, and Aryan, have started playing so joyously together that one tends to forget that Aryan is 3 times Pluto’s size or that Pluto is blind!


Ace detectives!

Pari and Pluto are under the impression they are Sherlock Holmes 1 and 2!

Or so it seems!

I agree that sniffing is an essential part of their daily curriculum! But Pari takes it to another level! She digs her nose in , and it remains connected to the disgusting thing she is smelling, on the road, for eons! Its like she is writing a thesis on the damn thing! And no amount of beseeching will get her nose out! So I have to drag her out of the ‘scene of crime’ in order to resume the walk!

Earlier, Aryan set the pace of our walks, by yanking us all the way to and from home! But of late, he has resigned himself to Pari’s eccentricities! Even he has taken to walking sedately, tagging behind Pari with her nose stuck to the ground!

We have often wondered what on earth could take her that long to analyse the product on the ground! The breed, the sex, the state of mind perhaps, which could explain the exhaustive amount of time to unearth all the details of the mind! But Pari has to go to the depths of understanding of the item and will not budge from the scene till she has figured out all the details.

Now Pluto, I get it. He is blind and his sense of smell is all important, perhaps even more heightened after the loss of one sense.

But the one thing that is very bewildering is why does he have to smell his pee right after he has peed! Why does he have to confirm that yeah he did pee there………..didnt he realize he was doing it  while he was!

And he does that each and every time he pees!

Pluto naturally takes a while to finish his walk, for he has to smell everything on the ground in great detail and ferret out information. That is perhaps his only source of entertainment, since he cant see the world. But man, he really takes so much time with his nose stuck right inside the things he smells! To the extent that even yanking his leash, doesn’t get him to budge away from the detecting he is doing! He yanks right back and right there on the street, is a tug-of-war!

So, on the days that all 5 of them are taken for the walk, Pari and Pluto really delay the proceedings. Everyone else would have finished their jobs and the sniffing around, but both Pari and Pluto remain stuck to the ground, oblivious to the others standing impatiently around! Including the impatient human!

Pari will at least look up in a sidelong glance, after a while, wondering why her human is breathing so heavily and directing glares in her direction! But Pluto, alas, he just feels he is such an adored specimen that nothing he does can ever invite wrath! So it gets quite taxing taking the two majesties along!

One time, while Pari was investigating some offal, and Pluto was turning circles trying to find the best spot to pee, Aryan suddenly rolled his head over a plastic bag dumped in the corner! Surprising to say the least, for Aryan usually professes interest only in eatable, and loves to steal stuff to put in his mouth! I immediately pulled on Aryan’s leash sharply and yanked him back. When I went in further and looked inside in detail, I realized it was a dead rat and that smell apparently is fascinating to Aryan! So, yea, I have a weird lot of pooches! And both the boxers, Pari and Aryan, have a bag full of tricks to jerk me out of any morning drowsiness!

When I have such ace detectives, it is rather unusual to come across a dog that doesn’t profess any interest in the ground below. Aryan hardly has his nose to the ground. He has realized that plastic covers usually hide some interesting food items and that he will drown his nose and jaw in, hoping to steal a tidbit! But otherwise, he is usually not interested in smelling the ground and peeing, which is the usual practice of my other dogs.

Makes me think that perhaps Aryan’s previous owners, who abandoned him to the forest, may have kept him tied up all the time and not even taken him for walks, due to his intestinal problems.

boxer rule – if i like, its mine!

I got this new soccer ball from amazon. Just coz I hadn’t got a gift for the babies in some time.

Boxers Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! energy..energy..energy bouncy bouncy tiggersDSCN1634

As usual, there was intense excitement when they received it! Sandy and Pari tried every trick to grab it out of my hands. Aryan was all eyes, literally! But when the ball squeaked, that’s it! All hell broke loose!

Aryan’s eyes like swelled up to ginormous proportions, filling up his entire cute face and he kept jumping up at me tried to fixate the source of the weird sound! Sandy set up a loud howl and Pari, well Pari did what Pari does best………….knock me off my feet and grab the ball!

So while I was fending off 3 rampaging ‘bulls’, Pluto turned tail and ran to hide himself and Rufus tried to become as obscure as possible, not wanting to get under the legs of the 3 giants! Pluto somehow is very unhappy with squeaks and squeals and runs away from them, from day 1.

Pari got the ball, no surprises there, and made off with it, and hot on her tail were Aryan and Sandy! Sandy tried to grab Pari’s jaws and got a vicious snap from Pari’s jaws for her efforts. Aryan stood his ground in front of Pari and whined to get  her to drop it! Which was not going to happen in a million years!

I let them handle it and went into the kitchen.

After a while, Pari dropped the ball and ignored it. Aryan immediately snatched it and ever since then, which is about 3 days back, he’s been obsessed with it! Like really fixated on it!

He holds it in his jaws all the time. While peeing, while sleeping, even while eating. He brings the ball to the food bowl, and then drops it right next to the bowl while he finishes his food! And then, he grabs the ball again! If I take the ball away, so as to get him to pee, he wont pee! He has to have the ball in his mouth, while he does his job! Its only when he goes for his long walks, morning and evening, that he will deign to lose it!

He even brings it onto the bed, holds on to it in his jaws till he is very sleepy, then gently deposits it right next to him. And there it remains till he gets up the next morning!

As soon as he gets up, the first thing he looks for is the ball!

This has been going on for the last 3 days.

The first day, he was so obsessed that he would not sleep, keep a vigil on the ball and for any intruders, while he held the ball in his mouth! So I started taking the ball away from him in the morning hours, in order to get him to sleep. I would give it back to him after his evening walk, upon which he was completely devoted to making sure it remained with him!

He has now forgotten all the squeaky toys that he brought along with when he first came and is fixated only on this ball!

He doesn’t even spare a glance when Sandy or Rufus grab the remaining squeaky toys!

But it just so happens that once in a way he loses the ball and Sandy or Pari grabs it! And then he will just stare at them, willing them to drop it!

Sandy usually loses attention on the ball if I am not paying any attention to her. And then Aryan makes sure he keeps it.

while Pari, Pluto and Rufus couldnt care less anymore!

Look who’s talking!

Aryan, the new boxer, loves his voice!

I think he feels his medley is worth a Grammy, at the very least! That is the only explanation for the long soulful melodies he blurts out at every opportunity! He doesn’t even need human audience! He’s ok with just Pari (my other boxer) and Sandy ( the Dalmatian), as folks who-would-rather-not-pay-heed, but are forced to bear with the long drawn out opera, since they are usually playing with him at that point of time!

As a result, none of us can get in a word! His opera can go on for a while! He also accompanies it with a completely dufus adorable look on his face! So between getting my ears blasted, and doubling over with laughter at his comical expressions, my days are quite full!

Pari is also vocal. But she reserves it for special occasions. During meal times, for instance. She sets up a song in a deep tenor voice, interspersed with barks and growls, because I am not serving it fast enough! The accompaniment from Aryan here, is rather subdued. He lets Pari do all the protesting! He gives an occasional low tone mumble, as the soprano to Pari’s tenor! And other times, like when there is a cat moving, which  has been spotted by Pari! Then she sets up this high pitched operatic screech, telling me in no uncertain terms how offended she is that I am not letting her loose to pounce upon the said cat!

Aryan is still not used to chasing cats!

Aryan’s birthday, on 26th Jan, celebrated by me ad hoc, coz we don’t know his birth date (Also it’s a conjuncture that he is 2 yrs. Old), was quite the music fest! Since the cake first goes to the birthday boy/girl, Aryan got to hog it! Pari and Sandy on the sidelines and Rufus in the background. Pluto, the cocker spaniel, was no where in sight – no surprises there!

So Aryan licked it, and licked it again, and then sat down to contemplate it earnestly! Pari couldn’t take it any more! While sandy kept drooling by the buckets, Pari set up a startlingly loud baritone song, that overwhelmed Aryan’s ear drums and he sat up suddenly, jolted out of his reverie! He looked at Pari and then the cake and opened his mouth to blurt out a piece from a Mozart symphony, which after Pari’s cacophony, actually sounded epic!

I broke up their duet by cutting the cake myself, and helping Aryan lick it! While he reluctantly had some, since he had a stomach upset that day, Pari and Sandy were having an epileptic seizure! I quickly cut the cake and let them all have their share, while I fed Pluto. Party was over in the blink of an eye and believe me, I had quite a few items for them!

Rufus, Sandy and Pluto decided the best thing after such a heavy meal would be to sleep it off. But not so the 2 great boxers! They felt it was better digested if there was some playtime after the party!

And play they did! Just the two of them, happily destroying my well made bed and the living room sofa covers!

But nature takes its course and soon, I had 5 sleeping beauties on my hand, after a full belly!

Demolition drive!

Couple of days back, Pari, my boxer, had a bad case of stomach upset. At one point, there was a blood discharge mixed with stool. There was no change in the diet except that I had got salmon for Sunday as a treat for all the pooches and both Aryan and Pari seemed to have an adverse reaction to it. Aryan had it almost immediately and Pari had a delayed reaction to it.

So she was off her food, for almost the entire day. I did try and feed her some food, but she almost immediately puked it all out! So I decided a day’s empty stomach would do her good. I also started her on medication and hydration. For that 1 day, she was a tad dull, a tad only,  for nothing beats her boxer tenacity to ignore pain.

The next morning, as usual, I took the 3 big guys for the walk and then the small ones. I left the first batch inside the house as usual and Pari did jump onto the couch to settle down. But as I was going down the stairs, with Rufus and Pluto, I heard a loud whine from Aryan, and I thought nothing of it, since Aryan loves to sing!

I come back home, I unlock the door, and Aryan and Pari come running to the front door, with wisps of cotton suspiciously stuck to their lips, and Pari desperately trying to spit the bits out! She also had this wild look in her eyes, like the ones she has when she has been upto no good! Aryan didn’t even bother to spit the cotton out! Standing at the door, I tried hard to think what could have got stuck to their lips and for the life of me I could not imagine anything eatable that had cotton around it! Aryan is very fond of foraging for food in the house!

I soon found out!

Next to the bay window, behind the couch, lay the remains of my very expensive soft teddy bear, which was normally resting on the couch, all these days. It must’ve been knocked onto the floor by one of them while jumping onto the couch and then they must’ve thought it was fair game!

I had bought it not even a month back! It was dismembered and the insides gouged out and even as I was exclaiming in horror the events before me, Aryan gleefully jumped right back inside followed by an equally enthusiastic Pari, to rip off more of the cotton insides! Stomach upset anyone?! Grrrrr………

Aryan, still not used to me, thought my anguish was another game and my yelling as words of encouragement! Pari turned around to face me and looked cock-eyed at me – shall I go on or is she on the warpath, for real!

It wasn’t so much the loss of the teddy than the utter shock of the devastation unfurling in front of me, from the very creatures I thought were unwell! Where’s the justice in that!

Pluto also thought it was all a big game, since Aryan was ‘singing’, and he too joined in the chaos. The farther half of my living room was covered in fluffy cotton and I was at my wits end what to do! Finally I decided to collect all the cotton and store them in a carry bag for future use in one of their beds and the like. And that apparently was further encouragement to Aryan and Pari, for they too literally jumped into that cotton ‘field’ to help me ‘pluck’ the cotton! And Pluto decided to help them!

Sandy gracefully declined to take part in such childish behavior!

Rufus, of course, made himself as obscure as possible, under the dining table!  His usual place of comfort! Away from the marauding boxers!


The poor teddy was history! But the 3 of them still wanted to pull all parts away! I knew the only thing that would get them out of the scene of crime and let me pick up the pieces was FOOD!

why do you need a TV when you have boxers!

Every time I interact with a boxer, I am left amazed at just how in love with life they are! Whatever their internal body woes, they just live life to the fullest! They enjoy every moment, every minute of it, with a complete devotion to just…….enjoying vivaciously!

Now Aryan, has irritable bowels. So he cant eat anything he wants and if the inflammation is severe, he just goes off his feeds, and will pass loose stools. Unless treatment is started and food is curtailed. But even then, he wants to jump and play and butt his head! Can you imagine anybody in the home sapiens species not just clutching their stomach and taking to bed, but making a hue and cry of it all! You just have to admire the fortitude of a boxer that refuses to cow down to pain. They just lives life to the fullest. I mean, I have other dogs, a Dalmatian and a local indie breed. And they just curl up refusing to partake in any activity, for any bodily ailment.

He should be fairly ok after the long term treatment, although he does have issues to certain foods, which both of us, him and me, we are finding out as the days go by! For instance, salmon does not agree with him! I haven’t tried the other varieties of fish, but salmon definitely is a huge No-No! He had a violent reaction to it! His tummy is ok to chicken and mutton.

But his never-say-die attitude does not fail him!

As expected, he and Pari have started playing like kids! Even my previous pet boxer, Arya, took time to get used to Pari’s in-your-face behavior. But Aryan, has charmed the pants off her! They play from morning till night, till Pari gets exhausted, on account of the fact, that she’s a fat-ass! But Aryan, drags her into playing more! He came with a backpack full of toys and he and Pari have destroyed most of it in the 3 weeks that Aryan has been here! Tug-of-war is of course the favorite sport, which doesn’t leave much of the toy in its original shape! The lingering portions of it, Rufus destroys, by nibbling through and through!

Pluto gets in to the act sometimes, when he feels its not too rough play. Sandy, the Dalmatian, surprisingly, gets so agitated at times, with all the grunts and growls, that she gets up and snarls at them and tries to gnaw at whoever’s leg is near her! Which startles the two enough to halt play for a few seconds! And then they are back to their rowdy ways!

Sometimes, Pari just gives up and runs outside to bark at strays and Aryan and Pluto pick up where Pari left off! Its comical because Pluto keeps jumping up and hurling himself at Aryan, who brushes him away because he has eyes only for the toy! And then Pari comes charging in since she heard Pluto growl and bark, and she has to be the knight in shining armor for Pluto – role reversal I know! But Pari is always always protective of Pluto. She comes in between Pluto and any other dog that Pluto shows he feels threatened by. She forms a protective barrier for him, and she has been doing this since the day Pluto arrived. Instinctively. Maybe she thinks Pluto is her baby. Maybe she lost a couple of her litters. We don’t know her past.

And then Pluto became 3! On Jan 3rd. So we had ourselves a small party with all the goodies! Pluto just kept licking and licking the icing, which caused Pari immense heart-burns! Pluto had first dibs at his bday cake while the others had to sit around waiting their turn……….very impatiently! Pari especially had a very anxious look on her face, since Aryan was sitting very close to the cake! Sandy picked up on the all the tension and stayed as far away from Pari, and the cake, as possible! In  fact, I had to call her back to the table since she turned tail and decided to leave the area!

Slowly Pluto licked, delicately chewing on the dog biscuits layered on the cake, contemplating the taste and savoring all the flavors…………driving Pari nuts and even I was getting a tad impatient! So I finally cut the cake into 5 pieces with the lion’s share for Pluto! And as the others gobbled it all up, without even tasting it, Pluto turned tail and made off inside! I distributed all the other goodies and the 4 of them had it hungrily! Then I got down to the task of getting Pluto to eat it! Man! That little boy sure makes a fuss of eating!

And after all that feasting, there were 5 happy puppies!


Arya, my darling white boxer, with the kidney problems, passed away on 21st Nov.

20th dec I got another boxer – lovingly named Aryan, in memory of arya.

Back to 2 mad boxers and 1 naughty cocker spaniel!!

The history is that he was abandoned in the local tiger reserve sanctuary, to be gobbled up by the big cats. Tied, if you please. Is there no end to the depths of apathy a human can express!!! How can anyone not like a boxer! And that too this one, (all others as well), but this guy, he’s sweetness and honey all over! He doesnt have a mean or violent streak at all. He doesnt know how to be vicious! Why why why would he be abandoned!

Aryan is more sedate, composed and a lot meeker than his namesake, Arya. The first day, he and Pari did have a few run-ins, but a lot less violent than what Arya and Pari dished out! After 2 days, he defers to Pari, puts his head and tail down and meekly gives way. Pari, as always, will be Pari, the don!

He is a tad smaller than Pari, and a lot thinner. Normally male boxers are quite sturdy and tall, Not so Aryan. Maybe he was underfed as a pup.

He rumbles in his throat for everything! Its like a loud purr! But he does that if he wants attention, or if he wants food, or if he feels very loved, or if he wants to say – pet only me, not the other pup! So basically, its a ‘purr’ for all his needs! And its that expression that goes along with it which says, I am gorgeous and eminently lovable……and funny!

Aryan came with a backpack! Full of squeaky toys gifted to him by his foster mom and his neighbours. And he has a lot! Just goes to show how loved he was, is. And a king-sized bed for his majesty’s comfort!

The first thing Pari did on his arrival, well the 2nd thing actually after giving Aryan a sniff over, was to inspect the toys thoroughly and decide which she liked best! Aryan gave a loud rumble, so I immediately shushed Pari and let Aryan pick a toy, which he did, and lovingly nudged it at me, to play ball! Pari started her usual tomfoolery – snarling and baring her teeth at Aryan and asking him to quit playing with her ‘mom’! Aryan stil had no clue about the dynamics of the dog family and he snarled back and right there was a full blown tussle! I lifted Aryan up bodily, like I used to do with Arya, and settled the fight, giving Pari 2 raps on her ample behind and banishing her to a corner.

He loves cuddling up to humans and getting very touchy-feely with them! So endearing that you are loathe to shove him away! And he doesnt weigh much so he’s eminently welcome! All typical boxer traits! Man they sure love humans!

For all his light weight, Aryan is a tugger during walks! Boy, he can sure pull you hard, in his enthusiasm. I take him for the long walk with the other big ladies and he can race up with them, measure to measure! Curiously, he doesn’t sniff along the road. Maybe one or two places, with particularly interesting smells, will make him halt, otherwise, he prefers to be on the go! Pari and Sandy keep smelling practically every inch of the ground they have to walk on! Not so Aryan. All my other pooches pee every 2 mnts. Again, not so Aryan. He might condescend to pee once, max twice! I am hoping, as the days pass, he will ramp it all up, both the sniffing and the peeing!

But now, I am enjoying my walks! Its more of a run-walking, but I feel like I am actually getting some exercise out of all this, finally! And, the 1 hr walk is getting over in 35-40 mnts. So I am saving some time as well! With Pluto, the cocker spaniel, and Rufus, the indie-terrier, I was literally doodling, not walking!